Playpen For Cats

Playpen for catsA very stylish Zebra Playpen For Cats!

This cat playpen is a really great way to keep your cat contained –  yet allow them some fresh air.

Use this out-of-doors or even indoors – really any place or any time when you need to keep your cat safe. The playpen for cats is great for pet shows and any owner who really wants to off show their cat in style.

The playpen for cats can be 100% enclosed with the top zip in mesh cover, to keep your kitty really safe and secure. You will know exactly where he or she is!

It is nice and lightweight, portable and comes to you completely assembled (BONUS!). There are four metal hooks to hold the cat play pen onto ground if need be.

You can pop in a litter tray and a comfy bed to make kitty really at home.

Each panel is 17″ wide and 21″ high, 41″ Diameter after it set up

Cat Playpen Features

  • Lightweight, portable and fully assembled
  • Free Carry Case and Fold Flat To Save Space
  • 4 metal hooks to hold the play pen onto ground if need be Side pocket to storage the hooks
  • Each panel is 17″ wide and 21″ high
  • 41″ Diameter after it set up

Perfect for foster kittens says Lauren Gantz:

I foster kittens/cats frequently for my local animal shelter. Usually I put the kittens in a large dog crate which is very heavy and has to be carried up and down the stairs of my house. This playpen is lightweight, pops into shape easily and has been sturdier than I expected.

It is easy to access the inside with two side zip ‘doors’ and/or the zippered mesh top. The vinyl bottom and sides have not cleaned off easily as I had hoped, but I plan to really scrub it down after the kittens go back to the shelter.

All things considered I would call this a good investment. buy the playpen for cats here

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