Caring For Your Cat DVD

Caring For Your Cat DVD

From Kitten to Adult

Pet Video Library Books On Video Presents: The Essential Guide to CARING FOR YOUR CAT

This DVD is a fun and educational look into the Feline including

  • History
  • Preparation
  • Selecting a Kitten or Cat
  • Your Cat’s New Home
  • Nutrition
  • House Rules
  • General Care
  • Behavior

Learn how the cat’s popularity increased from ancient Egypt

Discover the places from where to choose a kitten

Explore the wide range of interesting & extraordinary traits

Prepare your home with the proper foods, litter box, toys and other necessities

Introducing your kitten or cat to it’s new home

Maintain their optimal health by supplying the proper diet

Find out the foods that can upset your cat’s digestive system or cause health issues

Vet visits, spaying & neutering suggestions, vaccination tips, proper claw maintenance, addressing flea or tick issues, hair ball remedies and other important care advice

Litter box training & location, scratching posts and keeping cats off counters or cabinets.

Product Features

  • Pet Video Library – Caring For Your New Cat
  • The History of the Cat
  • Preparing For and Selecting a cat
  • Your cats new home
  • House rules and general care



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